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4505 131 Ave. N Suite 25   Clearwater, Florida 33762

Office: 727-572-6491 Fax: 727-556-0442

Pete Schuwerk founded Sun Conure, Inc. in 1994, a seasoned trade show exhibit builder of 15 years. By combining trade show exhibit design and creativity with the merchandising needs of mall retailers, the result was an immediate success both for Sun Conure and it’s customers.


Located in Clearwater, Florida, we combine state of the art automated machinery with experienced craftsman from many trades in order to create virtually anything imaginable from every type of building material. Sun Conure, Inc. has manufactured fixtures and casework for Inline Stores, Museums and Kiosks.

Only the finest materials may be used in most retail environments and Sun Conure Inc. has the machinery and technology to handle all of them. Every aspect of your store is built "in-house" by our craftsmen to insure consistent quality and timely completion. Each kiosk is completely set up, wired and lit up while still at our facility to eliminate the possibility of problems during installations. Our clients are always welcome and encouraged to visit our plant during any stage of construction.

Completed work is carefully cleaned, wrapped, and loaded into our specialized truck, designed to lift and transport fine furniture. By using our employees and our trucks to transport your store, we have virtually eliminated shipping damage and can be where you need us when you need us. For exports, cargo containers are personally loaded by our employees. Space is maximized with the use of disposable second floor. The techniques we use to these cargo containers have proven to be flawless every time.

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Sun Conure, Inc. 4751 126 Ave. N.   Clearwater, Florida 33762 Office: 727-572-6491 Fax: 727-556-0442

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